Audio Agency

Bluebox creates advertising and acoustic identity for brands and companies. In other words, at our Bluebox recording studios in Burgdorf near Bern, we make sure people enjoy listening to you. Because since 1996, we’ve been providing everything the demanding ear desires: competent and personal consulting, the most modern infrastructure and, of course, always fresh ideas.

Recording Studios

For audio productions that are meant to be heard, Bluebox has fully-equipped state of the art studios in Burgdorf near Bern. In other words, modern recording and cutting technology with several vocal booths in a first-class, top-professional atmosphere. You can enjoy it all first-hand in the studio, or follow the recording live by way of Skype or telephone. This way, you communicate directly with our producers and voice talent during production and in real time.










Any more questions?

In the past 20 years, we have not only produced countless commercials, but we have also acquired a huge amount of experience. We want to share that knowledge with you and advise you on your projects. How long should the radio commercial be? Which English is best suited for your international YouTube commercial? Or which acoustic identity best represents your company? We have the right answers to get your clients listening. Whether for radio, TV, cinema, Internet or other applications, thanks to our many years of experience, know-how and commitment, you are assured of a production that will keep people listening.


Text & Concept

Do you want more?

If you’re looking for a partner who thinks with you, then you’re in the right place. Because at Bluebox, we deliver the desired content according to your specific needs. We create Ideas, concepts and texts for your productions in close cooperation with specialized partners. And in order to make sure your messages gets across to the listener accurately, it goes without saying that we also provide copy-editing and translation services.

Did you get it?

The best productions are useless if the listener doesn’t understand them. That’s why we offer accurate adaptations in German, French, Italian and English. We formulate scripts suitable to the medium and  the target audience. And to make sure that the script sounds authentic, it goes without saying that we have just the right native voice available.



Voice Talent

Grandmother or Celebrity?

Give your messages a voice – we have the right voices for the job.


In our comprehensive database, you will find voice talents, professional speakers and famous TV voices. We also have well known dubbing voices to offer. In cooperation with our international network, you have additional access to thousands of voices from all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether it is a deep smoky movie preview voice or an old shaky grandma. Whether in cozy dialect or High German: our speakers can’t be topped.

Audio Network

Isn’t that enough?

Bern is the center of the world…at least when it comes to your audio production. Thanks to APT-X Milano, Mayah C10 Codecs and Session Link Pro we are connected to our partner studios all over the world by way of IP Connections and ISDN.

Session Link Pro


This way, we can bring the desired voices to our studios in real time. You save money, but don’t sacrifice quality.

Radio Ads

Totally Radio Gaga?

Since 1996, we have produced countless radio commercials for local, national and international companies – everything from simple public announcements to multilingual national campaigns. We never get tired of doing it and we never run out of ideas, because the possibilities in radio are practically limitless. Leave it to us – we know what works best. We can do it for you, too. Listen to our demos.

TV- & Cinema Advertising

Are you hearing correctly?

A movie without sound is like a meal without salt. That’s why we add the right acoustic spices to your TV or cinema commercial. With the right dash of pepper, we provide the whole audio post-production package – everything from basic voice-overs to complex stereo or Surround Sound Dolby Digital 5.1 dubbing, mixed and spiced just right for the audience to enjoy.


Sound Design

Have you heard yet?

You won’t believe your ears. We whip up acoustic effects out of almost nothing using ingenious sound design. In Dolby Digital, too. For this, we turn to our huge sound library with vast numbers of sound effects, or we can rely on nearly inexhaustible online resources. And if you’d like something completely unique, we’ll simply record it ourselves, or compose your own, completely personal acoustic corporate identity. (Audio Branding)


Does it fit?

In order to harmonize picture and sound perfectly, we use the most modern synchronization techniques for dubbing. That means, for example, that we adapt the

narrator’s speech using frame-by-frame digital time codes. We can even provide recordings in real time by way of APT-X in cooperation with our worldwide partner studios. This way, you can be sure your movie always speaks the right language.




The Internet is almost infinite, but the user’s attention span is short. Needless to say, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. With the right sound and perfect mastering for online use, we make sure that your messages stands out and gets attention.


Industrial Film

How does your company sound?

If you want to use a corporate video to put a face on your company, consider the narrator’s voice. Because, after all, you’ve got something to say. Whether it’s for internal or external presentations or for permanent Internet usage, with the appropriate narration, we make sure that your audience will listen.

Automated Telephone Messages

Are you well connected?

Give each caller to your company their own acoustic business card. Using a professionally-created telephone message or an interactive voice response system, you can make a good first impression. With well-known clients like Nespresso, Renault Suisse, ISS and many others, we have immense experience and can advise you on how to greet a caller in a warm and friendly way. Listen to a sample of various recorded telephone messages on our demo.

Services Overview:

What do we have to offer?

TV-, Cinema- and Radio Commercial Dubbing

Audio for Youtube Ads and Social Media,
Jingles, Trailers, Teasers, Tutorials,
Billboards, Infomercials, Sound Logos,
Audio branding, Promotional Clips, CaseMovies

Audio Post Production, Composition,

Sound Design, Synchronized Recording/ADR,
Speech Adaptation, Voice-overs,
Dubbing, Post-dubbing, O Tone Processing,
Broadcasting Tone Composition R68,
R128, IT-Composition, Multi-channel Tone,
Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1

Voice Production
oice Recording, Telephone Recordings,
Answering Machine Messages, On-hold Messages,
Multimedia Productions, Audio-/Video-
Podcasts, Audio Guides,
Homepage Dubbing, Audio Dramas,
Presentation Dubbing, Intros

Music Production
Composition, Recording, Mixing

Agency Services, Direction,
Project Coordination/-Consulting,
Spokesperson Casting/-Procurement, Individual Composition

Audio-Link Studios via ISDN and IP,
Conversion of Audio Formats, Audio
Restoration, Sound Archive,
Noise Effects Archive, Sound Research, DJ Intros